Cophough is a unique childrenswear range created by Nadja Copland and Kerry Houghton. We set out to develop a new approach to the world of childrenswear and COPHOUGH was created.

Our approach

We embrace the changing times and views of society which encompass issues such as gender, size and age, our aim is to remove stereotypes. At COPHOUGH we have abolished the out dated concept of age to size system as we acknowledge that children come is all shapes and sizes. Our XS-XL sizing system is based on height and width, not age. Our products are and always will be gender free.

Cut, Shape & Colour

At COPHOUGH we have developed signature silhouettes that are based on exquisite design with simplified cuts, functionality and comfort. The COPHOUGH core shapes lay at the heart of each garment with a selection of colour ways to choose from for you to make each piece your own. This limited edition launch collection is made to order especially for you.